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Alternator Delco 12V 180Amp 28SI J180 *61003172*

Item No. 8600223

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The 28SI is built for continuous heavy duty, offering higher output at increased efficiency, it also comes with Remote Sense as standard.
Remote Sense provides highly accurate voltage readings and optimizes battery state-of-charge resulting in improved efficiency and overall battery life. It maintains 14 volts at the battery by increasing charging voltage at the alternator to compensate for voltage drops. Remote Sense Technology Improves Battery Charge Time by 50% and Can Decrease Battery Warranty Claims by 30%


Pivot Hole Diameter 13mm
Length Foot to Foot 101mm
Regulator Style Internal 10526697
Adjuster Hole Diameter 1/2" UNC
Amperage 180A
Shaft Diameter 22mm
Mounting Type J180
Common Application Truck,Agriculture
Voltage 12V

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