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Alternator Prestolite 24V 175Amp 12V Pick Up

Item No. 8SC3029Z

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The 8SC/SCJ series Alternators are built for the rough life, all internal connections are welded, not soldered, to prevent against the possibility of connections cracking as a result of solder becoming brittle at the elevated temperatures commonly seen inside an alternator. It also features integrated load dump protection, preventing damage to the unit that can be sustained in the event of a loss of load, as would be the case if the charging circuit was opened whilst the alternator was in use.


Pivot Hole Diameter 13mm
Length Foot to Foot 101mm
Regulator Style Internal 8RL3028S
Adjuster Hole Diameter 1/2'' UNC x 3
Amperage 175A
Shaft Diameter 22mm
Mounting Type J180
Common Application Bus,Mining
Voltage 24V

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