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Back Up Alarm 12/24V 82Db Light Duty

Item No. BBS82

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bbs-tek® Broadband Sound
Reversing alarms are vital for safety yet can cause noise nuisance and irritation to workers and
to local residents. The bbs-tek reversing alarm emits a unique sound which solves this problem.
Its world-wide patented “shh…shh…shh…” broadband sound (also known as ‘white sound’) is
multi-frequency, replacing the narrow frequency band of conventional alarms.
The new bbs-tek reversing alarm
• eliminates noise nuisance – the sound is easy on the ear and dissipates fast
• is safer
- the sound is locatable so you can tell which vehicle is reversing
- the sound is directional, concentrating the warning within the danger zone.
This increases people’s response to the alarm and diminishes the chance of it being ignored.


Decibels 82
Voltage 12-24
Dimensions 91mm x 55mm x 45mm

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