Baxters Ezi Credit FAQ



Is it secure?

Yes! Baxters use ANZ Secure™ which is powered by CyberSource, who manage over 20 million transactions every day. Your credit card details are encrypted and stored securely off site, and can be only accessed by you.


Can I use any credit card?

Yes, it is up to you to nominate any credit card from any provider you wish to choose.
(Please note we don’t accept American Express or Diners Club)


Can I change my credit card?

Yes, at any time you can change your credit card by notifying Baxters.


Can I use this credit card to pay other suppliers?

Absolutely. You may choose to have a business card and use it for all of your suppliers.
Of course, they may not offer such a simple scheme as the Baxters ANZ Secure™ facility, and may not give you a settlement discount. Please check with them.


Can I use this card to pay for personal items?

Certainly you can. This may be a way to maximise your bonus points.


Are there any fees?

Applicable fees are up to the credit card provider. Some cards have no annual fee. There will be no fees charged by Baxters.


What are the interest charges?

Interest charges will vary accordingly to the credit card provider. Most credit cards offer up to 55 days interest free, so if you are clever you may be able to add 55 days to your credit terms and pay no interest at all.


If I don’t pay my credit card on time, will my trading account be frozen?

No way. We will continue to offer our massive range and great service. You may accrue interest with your credit, so best check with your provider.


How many reward points will I earn?

That depends on the credit card you choose. But to give you an idea, an average small auto electrical business  trading with Baxters could earn enough points every year for 10 Sydney to Melbourne flights. Add the value of the 2% settlement discount and this would be about 20 Sydney to Melbourne flights.



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