The Delco Remy 4th generation 39MT – How Australia’s tough environment is making a great product even better.

Though relatively young in the Australian market, the Delco Remy 39MT starter has quickly become the most popular starter motor in heavy duty applications, with features like the IMS switch and OCP (over-crank protection) coupled with high power and light weight enough to convince both manufacturers and the aftermarket that the 39MT is the starter of choice.

However Remy International are not prone to resting on their laurels and the 39MT is now on its 4th generation, with no fewer than 9 improvements to the original design and Australia can be thanked for much of the information that has led to these improvements. Our harsh environment, long distances and poor roads mean that faults often appear earlier here than in other countries. In fact Remy International offer a longer warranty in the USA on their products, acknowledging that the Australian conditions mean a higher level of failures and a warranty beyond 12 months cannot be given economically.

Importantly for buyers of starter motors in Australia, the updated Delco Remy 39MT is made available to the authorised Australian distributors earlier than other distributors around the world.  What this means is that if you buy your Delco Remy 39MT from an authorised Remy distributor, like Baxters, you can be guaranteed that the unit you receive has been designed and built to overcome the tough Australian conditions. Other 39MTs from non-authorised channels may be older generation models and subject to premature failure in our harsh conditions And of course any copy 39MT is likely to have been designed based on the original spec 39MT and will not have any of the enhancements, and a substandard copy of a first-generation 39MT is not likely to live up to expectations.

So while I guess it’s no surprise to any truck owner in Australia that this country can be hard on equipment, we can take some solace that it’s our vast land and corrugated roads that are leading the way to the ongoing development of some of the most popular components in the world.



Delco Remy Gen IV Product Improvements

1.        External roll pins
2.        Radial undercut for DE housing
3.        New CE bearing with O-ring & hardened washer
4.        New IMS contact geometry
5.        IMS lead wire tailoring
6.        Drive design improvement
7.        Armature hairpin connection
8.        Brush plate thermal improvement
9.        Heat treated shield

 Delco Remy 39MT Dual Earth

The Delco Remy 39MT dual-earth is an Australian innovation, developed by and exclusive to Baxters, and is fitted OE to Kenworth trucks running the Cummins ISX engine.  Another example of Australian innovation at work.