The beauty of coming from a heavy duty background is that in a year heavy duty products will receive the sort of usage that a lot of light duty won’t even receive over its entire lifetime, allowing us to quickly identify issues with various designs long before we would in a light duty application.

Ultimately what the impact of this is, as we continue to get smarter and more efficient at our collection and application of our research to product design, our products with each successive generation will progressively become more durable and reliable.

Like the new Delco Remy Australian spec 39mt which was redesigned based on Baxters findings in order to localize it to the conditions encountered on Australian road; but this is just 1 of hundreds of improvements we undertake to progress the state of automotive electrical reliability.

Relying solely on manufacturer’s innovation is a poor strategy when multiple suppliers often share the same manufacturer. We’ve been quietly applying our findings from our heavy duty research program to our light duty range for some time now and as a result, due to superior sourcing and our commitment to R&D, Baxters has succeeded in creating the most reliable light duty range in the industry.

With the cost of labour ever increasing, why would we risk your profitability with the possibility of having to rework something due to a faulty product.