BBI12-110A & BRBHC

Baxters have released two new products designed for those customers who require an alternative battery management or trailer brake controller product to fit their budget. The new BBI12-110A Intelligent Dual Battery Isolator and BRHBC Remote head brake controller may be just the alternative you need when this issue arises. Both products are designed here in Australia, come with a 3 year warranty for your peace of mind, and are designed with all the core functionality you need and the quality Baxters are known for.

The new Baxters Battery Isolator

The BBI12-110A is a 12 Volt Slim Type Intelligent Dual Battery Isolator rated up to 110Amp. It’s  capable of mechanically isolating an auxiliary bank from the main battery bank, providing simple yet effective dual battery isolation to suit most applications. It’s been designed to allow fitment of a second (or third) auxiliary battery to allow for accessory items to be run from an auxiliary battery and remove the danger of those items flattening the vehicles cranking battery. The isolator will ensure the main cranking battery is charged first and then cut in to allow the auxiliary battery to be charged, allowing you to enjoy all your appliances and ensure the vehicle starts up after!

The BBI12-110A is able to detect and indicate faulty or no auxiliary battery connection, under or over voltage on the main battery and has over voltage protection which isolates the auxiliary battery from damage which protects your vehicle and appliances. It also has an override function allowing you to override the isolator momentarily to allow additional power to the main battery from the auxiliary battery for those emergency cranking and winching situations. 

The isolator has simple installation with 2 mounting points and a simple LED indicator system. A remote LED indicator lights up when the isolator contacts are closed and the auxiliary battery is charging. When the light is off, the isolator contacts are open and the auxiliary battery is not charging.


The New Baxters Remote Head Brake Controller

BRHBC is a 12 Volt Remote Head Brake Controller is built for up to 2 axles and suits most applications allowing greater control for all your towing needs.

It has a compact, rugged exterior and uses new generation microprocessor based technology to deliver reliable brake force every time. Convenient installation allows the control box to be mounted easily under the dash, on any angle, with top or bottom mount via the included multi position bracket. The remote control is able to be mounted up to 1 meter from the controller, letting you tuck the device out of the way for greater comfort to you.


The brake force is easily adjustable from the controller mounted on the dashboard, you can easily rotate the knob until the required braking level is achieved, while an LED indicates if the brake controller is active.  The dash mount knob also incorporates an over-ride function for manual control. To activate, simply push on the adjustment knob, releasing the knob then disables this function.


For more information on these 2 new great products, please contact your closest Baxters branch.