Baxters Automotive lighting solutionsInside you’ll find Baxters extensive range of lighting solutions for all automotive applications. Baxters lights are known for their industry leading luminous efficacy and are packaged in an IP67 rated housing and shielded behind a polycarbonate lens. They are built for the rough life. All Baxters branded lights also come with a 5 year warranty!

Baxters range of Driving Lights include several sizes and  compact models making them easy to install in the trickiest of applications without compromising on performance. There are models for every application including lights offering heavy duty anti vibration mounts, to withstand the harsh environments thrown at them.

 Baxters Work Lights offer the same durability and high performance to suit demanding work environments, and offer options for when space is tight. They range runs efficiently in all conditions without compromising on performance.

Baxters Bar Lights are available in a variety of lengths, single and dual row with spot, flood or combo beams, so there’s an option to suit every vehicle! Baxters also have a range of curved bar lights which follow the contour of your vehicle, providing more illumination coverage to give a better field of view in any open or off road situation.

Baxters bar lights include features such as:

  • Oversized Heat Sink has been custom designed to keep LED’s running cooler and brighter while lasting longer.
  • Super efficient LED driver circuitry allows 97% of the power directly to the LED’s giving more Light with Less Power
  • Patented hybrid reflector Lens in Combo beams are 94% more efficient at giving more light with less power and longer life.
  • Single row bar lights are equipped with Universal Mounting Brackets that slide horizontally and pivot vertically for optimal adjustment while rubber feet control vibration.

 What’s more, should you damage part of the bar light, the damage will only cause LED’s in that section to fail making them the “The Ultimate in Reliability.”

For more information on Baxters lighting or to get a copy of Baxters new automotive lighting solutions catalogue, contact your local Baxters branch or Baxters rep.