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Gen IV Delco Remy 39MT Release

30/04/2014 9:20 AM

The Delco Remy 4th generation 39MT – How Australia’s tough environment is making a great product even better.

Though relatively young in the Australian market, the Delco Remy 39MT starter has quickly become the most popular starter motor in heavy duty applications, with features like the IMS switch and OCP (over-crank protection) coupled with high power and light weight enough to convince both manufacturers and the aftermarket that the 39MT is the starter of choice.

However Remy International are not prone to resting on their laurels and the 39MT is now on its 4th generation, with no fewer than 9 improvements to the original design and Australia can be thanked for much of the information that has led to these improvements. Our harsh environment, long distances and poor roads mean that faults often appear earlier here than in other countries...Delco Remy 39MT Dual Earth Starter Motor

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Dual Earth Technology

9/07/2013 2:34 PM

Baxters input provides enhanced reliability across the globe

Exclusive to Baxters, the dual-earth Delco Remy 39MT starter provides less resistance, better cranking, up to 1kW more power and is more reliable meaning Baxters can offer a two year warranty, double the normal 12 months.  Additionally the dual earth starter has removed issues with stray current that are being experienced by several models of truck.  These stray current issues can create deterioration of on-engine components, particularly sensors in the engines cooling system.

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