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Introducing the Safetyshunt, an intelligent high current circuit protector

Vehicle electrical fires represent a growing financial exposure for many truck owners and fleet operators. Truck fires continue to account for 1 in 10 truck loss incidents, with electrical failure accounting for nearly 70% of fires ignited in the cabin or engine bay region1.  The cost of a truck loss due to a fire can venture into the hundreds of thousands of dollars with loss of load, vehicle downtime, repair costs and insurance claims all contributing to a significant financial loss.

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Heavy Duty Electrical Tech Tip

29/07/2013 2:00 PM

Checking Voltage Drops - Is it really that important?

Electrical problems related to excessive voltage drops are more common than you may realize.

Think of your starting and charging cables as a two-way street. The battery needs to deliver its available

power to the starter through the cables and connections for cranking the engine. In turn, the alternator needs to replenish the battery and provide the power for the vehicle loads through the charging cables and connections.

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