In this industry, chances are the majority of us a pretty passionate about cars. For the past 22 years Variety, the Children’s Charity has been utilizing this passion to help raise over $173 million for disadvantaged children through the Bash event as participants build a preferably reliable, 40+ year old, 2wd car and undertake a road trip through rural Australia, Will Wallace of Upper Hunter Automotive Electrical in Scone NSW has previously been and will again be, one of these participants.

Will and team mate Scott Bridge have been working on a 1974 Ford Cortina Mk3 (rules dictate no modifications for performance so there won’t be a 351 Cleveland / Windsor under the bonnet) since the Bash last year in preparation for this year’s event and are utilizing the opportunity to cross promote and raise awareness for the Hunter Prostate Cancer Alliance.

 Will Wallace 1974 Ford Cortina Mk3

About the event

The Bash, which exists in both state and national variants, was initially started by Dick Smith in 1985 as an opportunity for him and a few mates to go for a drive through the Outback in old bombs, whilst raising money for charity. It has since grown in to a sizeable series of events that have accumulated over $173 Million in donations for the charity, all in a fun and light-hearted manner, which is mandatory with fines being handed out to people taking the event too seriously. Bribery and blatant cheating are encouraged, all with the intention of raising funds, the latter through fines incurred.

About Variety, The Children’s Charity

Variety, the Children’s Charity is a not-for-profit organisation with the sole purpose of empowering Australian kids who are sick, disadvantaged or have special needs. Variety’s aim is help said children meet their full potential regardless of their ability or background does so through 3 core programs, Caring, Freedom and Future Kids.

The Caring program is aimed at developing health services for children, providing much needed funding for the acquisition of equipment and medical services.

The freedom program is designed to provide mobility to disadvantaged children, through providing mobility equipment like wheelchairs to individuals through to the provision of a 1,236 strong fleet of Toyota Coasters and Mitsubishi Fuso Rosas which can be modified with wheelchair conversions, allowing children to experience the joys of excursions.

The Future Kids program aims at aiding children with disabilities or disadvantages to reach their academic, sports or arts potential through the provision of specialised equipment or support.

About Hunter Prostate Cancer Alliance

The Hunter Prostate Cancer Alliance sets out to aid and ensure individuals are informed about prostate cancer, to promote rational testing of men for this disease in order to curb the disease at its onset and to encourage the development of intellectual and emotional support systems for men diagnosed with prostate cancer and those supporting them.

Prostate cancer accounts for approximately 30% of cancers diagnosed in Australian men, is the second most common cause of cancer death, after lung cancer and the number of Australian men living with it is expected to more than double to 267,000 by 2017.

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Donations can be made to Variety through the following link, Wills Bash car number is 42, which can be put in the comments.