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LED Bar Light 20" Rollar Series Combo Beam 10-30V 12 x 10W LEDs 120W 10800lm IP67 Slide & End Mount Roadvision

Item No. RBL220C

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ROADVISION’s Rollar Series LED Light bars are one of the highest performance LED light bars available, producing up to 21600lm of instant light output.
Designed with the latest optical technology and high performance 10W Cree LED’s, the Rollar Series are one of the furthest projecting light bars available,
penetrating almost 1200m. Featuring a sleek black alloy housing, with dual brackets providing an infinite number of mounting options. With unbreakable
polycarbonate lenses and an extremely tough die cast aluminium housing, these lamps can handle anything that you and the environment throw at them.

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