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Beacon LED Strobe Amber Magnetic Light Sensing Battery Operated

Item No. 740A

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Peterson delivers a truly portable LED beacon! Peterson’s new 740A LED beacon is a truly portable solution offering lighting on the go with a battery powered, all-purpose, amber strobe. Designed specifically for temporary applications the 740A can be moved from vehicle to vehicle in seconds without the need for any electrical connections. Peterson’s 740A LED beacon features 24 high powered LEDs and is perfect as an all-purpose portable option. Powered by 2 standard D cell batteries the 740a has an impressive run time of between 300-400 hours and a flash rate of 60fpm. Featuring a carry strap and magnetic mount base the 740A can easily be swapped from one machine to another in seconds with no external electrical connections required. The 740a also has some smart electronics built in, including a photocell mode that switches the beacon on automatically at night.

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