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LED Micro Light Bar Revolver Series 10-30V Amber Single Bolt Mount 40SMD LEDs 20W 10 Function SAE Class 1 251x170x56mm

Item No. RLB250Y

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The Revolver RLB250 Series low profile micro light bars are the pinnacle in vehicle roof top emergency lighting. Featuring 360 degree high intensity LEDs and 10 selectable flash patterns, the RLB250 Series provide high penetration, high level lighting, from a truly compact yet robust package. Roadvision’s high performance Revolver Series emergency lamps are manufactured with LED’s (Light Emitting Diodes), rather than regular halogen or xenon strobe bulbs, providing a 100,000 hour rated LED lifespan. With both a polycarbonate housing and lenses, IP67 (waterproof) and SAE Class 1 rating, the RLB250 Series robust construction provides a weatherproof, high performance light bar with no maintenance required. Whether it’s through dust, mist or fog, the REVOLVER Series LED compact light bars ensure vehicle visibility in even the toughest conditions.

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