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Alternator Hitachi Type E Coated 12V 130Amp Suits Nissan Patrol Turbo

Item No. A-4049H

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Baxters high-output "H-series" alternators are perfect for off road and touring applications where electrical power consumption is high. The alternators are design by and built for Baxters and offer an alternative to the standard factory specifications. Not only will your alternator keep up with your power needs better, but it will last longer as it won't be running at capacity nearly as often.


Length Foot to Foot 81.5mm
Pivot Hole Diameter 10.4mm
Weight 7kg
Adjuster Hole Diameter 7mm
Amperage 130A
Voltage 12V
Shaft Diameter 17mm
Regulator Style Internal
Mounting Type J180
Common Application Nissan Patrol GU TD42
Pulley Grooves Single A
Pulley Diameter 84mm
Plug Type AP25

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