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Clutch Pulley 7 Groove 65 x 17 x 24mm Suits Narvara *A-1227*

Item No. 24-9014

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An overrunning alternator pulley is used to smooth out irregularities of driving speed of an automobile alternator. During normal operation alternator pulleys can rotate at up to 18,000rpm and coupled with rapid acceleration and deceleration can lead to premature alternator, pulley and drive belt failure. To prevent this Overrunning Alternator Pulleys (OAPs) were developed that are designed to decouple the alternator from the rotational irregularities of the crankshaft in an internal combustion engine, as the alternator has the highest moment of inertia in the accessory belt drive. As a result of this decoupling the alternator is only driven using the acceleration components of the rotational irregularity of the crankshaft.For details see this YouTube video


Profile Polygroove
Width (mm) 24
O.D. (mm) 65
I.D. (mm) 17
To Suit Mitsubishi A3TG2681
Common Application Nissan Navara
Type 7PV

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