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Starter Delco Dual Earth 39MT 9.5kw 24V 11T 56mm CW Suits Caterpillar C12 C13 C15 Detroit S60 Mack E7 Cummins Ism ISX

Item No. 8202055

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The Dual Earth is built with a long lifecycle in mind and not just that of the starter motor.
Whilst a decreased resistance from the get go allows for a higher cranking power and therefore more reliable starts (even at lower battery voltages), it’s over the lifespan of the engine where the best gains are achieved. Over time as grease and grime from normal operating parameters make their way in-between the various mating surfaces (such as starter to bellhousing, bellhousing to engine block, engine block to grounding strap, all being in an excellent location to acquire oil) that form the earth return from starter to battery, resistance increases, resulting in a lower voltage and therefore lower cranking power. The most prevalent symptoms of this would be sluggish and difficult starting and ultimately a burnt out starter as operators have to run it for increasing lengths of time to obtain ignition, however the damage doesn’t stop there.
When resistance builds up between engine block and battery, current seeks an alternative path, more often than not through the cooling system which leads to electrolysis of the radiator core and ultimately pinhole leaks. A genuine Delco Remy 39MT Dual Earth starter by Baxters circumvents all of this, which is why they're now being fitted OEM.


Teeth 11T
Flange Diameter 92mm
Mounting Hole Diameter 17mm
Direction CW
Wattage 9.0KW
Length (mm) 420mm
Common Application Mining
Voltage 24V
Pinion at Rest 48mm
Pinion Diameter 56mm


Manufacturer Make/Model Year Engine Type Fuel Type Litres
Terex RH170 Cummins KTA38
Wirtgen GMBH SM4200 Cummins KTA50
Caterpillar 793F (inc long haul)
Caterpillar 993K
Caterpillar D11T
Caterpillar 16M Grader
Caterpillar 24M Grader
Atlas Copco PV271 Cummins QSK19
Atlas Copco DML Cummins QSK19C
Atlas Copco PV275 Cummins QSK19
Liebherr R9250 Cummins QSK45
Caterpillar 793F 10R8998
Komatsu 930E
Caterpillar 993K
Caterpillar 16M Grader
Caterpillar 24M Grader
Caterpillar 777F Water Cart
Caterpillar 777F Service Truck
Caterpillar 793F Float 10R8998
Cummins MT3700 MTU12V4000
Cummins MT3700 MTU16V4000
Caterpillar MT4400
Cummins MT3700 K1200E
Cummins MT3700 QSK50

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