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Redarc Key On Light On 12V 30A Daytime Running Light Relay With Override

Item No. KOLO12DUO

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Headlights aren't just for night time and inclement weather use. Recent US statistics show that by driving with your headlights on at all times, even
on bright sunny days, you reduce the likelihood of being involved in a collision by as much as 32% Turning on your
headlights lets the other driver see you first; because the human eye is light-seeking, drivers, pedestrians, and cyclists will see an oncoming car
sooner and be less likely to pull into its path.
While the biggest advantage of the system is when natural light is low, such as at dusk or dawn or when skies are overcast, research indicates that they are also an advantage even on bright, sunny days. Drivers will see an oncoming car, truck or bus sooner and make a more accurate estimate
of its rate of approach.
The KOLO has three internal 30A relays, all controlled by the microprocessor. These relays are turned on by the ignition switch +12V/+24V input.
The relay contacts are “voltage free” (not connected to any other circuit internally) and can be used to switch +12V/+24V or ground either direct to
lights or to lighting relays.

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