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Timer Relay Programmable 12-24V Glow Plug Or Turbo Timer

Item No. TIM05

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The TIM05 & TIM06 timers can be used in a 12V or 24V negative ground automotive system, is designed to plug into a standard automotive relay
base and has the same pin numbers as a standard automotive relay Contacts operate in a similar way to a changeover
The timer switches the internal relay to provide output on PIN 87. (Positive output only)
The timer is started by switching pin PIN 86 ON or OFF (depending on Switch 1).
Use Switch 2 to select time range between SECONDS and MINUTES.
Use the potentiometer to adjust time (increasing in clockwise direction).
The TIM05 & TIM06 can supply a maximum current of 10 AMPS. (For higher current ratings, use the timer to operate an external relay).
NOTE: 10 Amps is maximum current rating, any current higher than 10 Amps (including lamp or
motor start up) may cause damage to the internal relay.


Amperage 10A

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