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Solenoid Reverable Motor 12V 75A Plastic Body Side Mount Suits most 2 post Motors not including earth

Item No. CB-117-12V

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Operating conditions in Australia are harsh and unique, which is why merely importing auto electrical products and not being involved in the design is more often than not destined for failure. With Baxters branded products, we’ve shared findings from more than 30 years of research with our manufacturers and don’t stop at just testing before releasing them, we analyse every warranty claim that occurs and track any trends in order to understand how we can make a great product better.


Amperage 75A
Body Material Non Corrosive Case
Earth Insulated
Features For Forward & Reverse Systems; Reversing Winch Mot
Voltage 12V
Type DPDT Intermittent
Mounting Bracket Flat
Contacts Copper

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