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Solenoid Ametek 24V 200A Normally Open Continuous Duty Metal Side Mount SAS-4401

Item No. 15-141

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Ametek manufactures a broad range of DC solenoids for Original Equipment Manufacturers that provide exactly the features you need for controlling: Engine Starting Motors & Shifts Solenoids, Hydraulic Pump Motors, Winch Motors, Marine Tilt/Trim Motors, Traction Motors, Auxiliary Power Circuits. Ametek Type SAW, SAS & SBD Solenoids are designed to switch inductive loads in DC circuits up to 36 volts. They are built with metal cases and incorporate a moving contact disk for high performance and are especially resistant to damage from road debris.


Amperage 200A
Body Material Metal case
Earth Insulated
Voltage - On 18V
Voltage 24V
Type SPST - N/O Contacts
Mounting Bracket Flat
Contacts Silver

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