Baxters GoKart

GoKart is the quickest, most efficient way to order from Baxters, it’s built from the same database that the staff use, enabling you to find products online just as effectively at your own convenience, not waiting on the end of the line whilst a representative does the same search. You can place an order when it’s convenient with you, it can be outside business hours or whilst you’re on the phone with the customer that it’s for.

GoKart uses your existing Baxters account for the transaction side of things so you don’t have to enter payment details on the web, it’s just a simple click and your order goes straight to your closest warehouse, they read any special remarks that you make on the order, so they’ll know if you want it to go with the next order or A.S.A.P.

If you’re already a Baxters account holder, getting access is as simple as sending an email here.

Not yet a Baxters account holder, simply get in touch with your local branch and we’ll work out how we can be of benefit to your business.


  • Instantaneously view and reprint previous invoices
  • Compare Products
  • Find stock at nearest branch
  • Quick add products straight to your cart
  • Instantaneously order products
  • View Product specifications, Installation manuals & troubleshooting Bulletins

 Already a user and have an idea on how we can make it better for you? Let us know.


GoKart's QuickAdd feature

To get more information login to GoKart or call us on 1800 621 068