Rotating Electric

Baxters are Australia’s only specialist supplier of heavy duty starters and alternators.  With over 35 years’ experience in heavy duty electrics, it’s no wonder Baxters are the preferred supplier to most of Australia’s leading companies in heavy duty fleet, transport, agriculture, industrial and mining.  We supply OE to engine and vehicle manufacturers and are the warranty agents for both Prestolite and Delco Remy in Australia, as well as authorised distributors of Bosch, Mitsubishi, Valeo and many other international manufacturers of heavy duty rotating electrical parts.

The fact that Baxters are authorised distributors is an important one; while you may be able to find these products through other suppliers, there is no guarantee of the true source of the product and no warranty support available in Australia.  Often saving a few dollars can end up costing you a lot more.

Baxters are also a full-range supplier of light- and medium-duty alternators and starters.  Our philosophy across our range is simple; we do not compromise on quality.  With difficult fitment and complex electronics, fitting an inferior, Chinese-built copy product is often fraught with danger.  Wherever possible Baxters will source the genuine item, and whenever we source an aftermarket item our quality control team ensure the item’s integrity and fitness for purpose.  That way you can always be assured that the Baxters part will meet or exceed your expectations.

With 35 years of reputation to protect we aren’t going to risk it to make a few quick bucks.

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