Baxters Innovation

Industry-leading new product development for Australia and the world

When the products your market demands simply don’t exist, your only choice is to build them yourself. That’s what Baxters chose to do with the development of the world’s best isolation switch, the TsWITCH. While other products existed to fill this need, they were problematic and unreliable – not features you like in a product so essential for the safety of the community. Although, demand for Baxters existing DPS isolation switch continues to grow, some customers were demanding more. And so the TsWITCHwas born.

Designed by Baxters and manufactured in Europe to exacting standards, the TsWITCH is the best product of its class in the world. With electronic isolation and true mechanical isolation thanks to the unique lockable T handle, the TsWITCH features such unique functions as an embedded timer. If you walk away from your vehicle the switch will automatically turn off after an hour.

The TsWITCH interfaces with roll over sensors, automatically isolating the electrical system in the event of a vehicle roll over with true mechanical isolation that requires a manual reset for added safety. This brand new Australian innovation is being sold to fleet operators, OE manufacturers and mine sites, with significant interest coming from across the globe.


Baxters input provides enhanced reliability across the globe

The Delco Remy 39MT starter motor remains one of  the most popular starters for heavy duty and industrial applications across the globe, so much so that on average around 200,000 units are sold each year.

A model of reliability and performance,  this iconic product was well renowned and yet under some harsh and unique conditions in the Australian market some unique product failures were being experienced. Using their close relationship with the supplier and extensive experience in the area, the Baxters technical lab spent in excess of 350 hours analysing product failures across the 39MT suite of parts.

The result was that four product improvements were initiated at Baxters recommendation, and these improvements have flowed into standard production showing the Baxters influence in product development across the globe. For one customer alone, improvements have meant a significant reduction in warranty. In 2009 and 2010 prior to implementing the innovative enhancements the warranty rate was stable at 7.5%. but for all of 2011 the rate was well below this at .05%.


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