Baxters input provides enhanced reliability across the globe

The Delco Remy 39MT starter motor remains one of the most popular applications for heavy duty and industrial starting across the globe, so much so that on average around 200,000 units are sold each year. 

A model of reliability and performance, this iconic product was well renowned and yet under some harsh and unique conditions in the Australian market some unique product failures were being experienced.

Using their close relationship with the supplier and extensive experience in the area, the Baxters technical lab spent in excess of 350 hours analysing product failures across the 39MT suite of parts. The result was that four product improvements were initiated at Baxters recommendation, and these improvements have flowed into standard production showing the Baxters influence in product development across the globe.

Exclusive to Baxters, the dual-earth Delco Remy 39MT starter provides less resistance, better cranking, up to 1kW more power and is more reliable meaning Baxters can offer a two year warranty, double the normal 12 months.  Additionally the dual earth starter has removed issues with stray current that are being experienced by several models of truck.  These stray current issues can create deterioration of on-engine components, particularly sensors in the engines cooling system.

Truck owners can now benefit by having improved engine crank ability, greater starter reliability, batteries that are in a better state of health due to lower resistance in the charge/start circuits, and engines that are now above-ground.

For one Baxters customer alone, the improvements have meant a reduction in warranty costs of around half a million dollars per annum, and the warranty rate for this part at Baxters is now below 0.05%!

Feature/application Standard 39MT Dual-earth 39MT
kW 7.3 7.8
Warranty 12mth 24mth
Recommended application Light-Medium Duty Medium & Heavy Duty
Typical application Rigid body Line Haul


“Baxters works closely with Remy continuously improving starter reliability while openly sharing ongoing design and manufacturing improvements. With our input and specific customer requirements Baxters designed and manufacture locally the dual earth 7.8kW 39MT starter now utilised on the Cummins ISX engine. These joint efforts are proving to be a real solution for what once was a real challenge for the industry.”

Vai Gokhale - Cummins

“Clearly Baxters technical prowess and exposure to the harsh Australian market has made a great product even better.”

Dallas Canfield - Remy International