Baxters unique Starter Motor solution for Valmet Harvester and Valmet Forwarder

Working closely with key customers in the logging industry in Victoria, Baxters have developed an exclusive solution for starter motor applications in the Valmet Harvester 921 and 941 series and for the Valmet Forwarder 890.2 and 890.3.  Other applications in the Valmet range may also be suitable for this new product.

Not only does the new starter motor outperform the original unit, the cost is roughly half the price and availability is assured as Baxters carry these units in stock and can build to order.

Like many of the range of custom-solutions for the charging and starting system of heavy duty vehicles, this product was stimulated by a unique enquiry from a Baxters customer, and developed within the Baxters technical lab.  In this case the turnaround from identification of the need to provision of the product was around two weeks.

Not only did this mean that the logger could get his Valmet harvester back in use almost immediately, the cost-savings to him were considerable.

Just another example of the unique solutions provided by Baxters – the “Driving Force in Automotive Solutions.” For more information on what we can do for you, contact your local Baxters branch.