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Redarc In-Vehicle Battery Charger DC To DC With 12/24V Input 40A ** 1 ONLY AVAILABLE **

Item No. BCDC1240

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REDARC’s In-vehicle battery charger features technology designed to fully charge your batteries, regardless of their type or size. By providing a unique charging profile to each specific battery type, the REDARC In-Vehicle Battery Charger is able to achieve and maintain an optimal charge in your secondary battery.
The In-Vehicle Battery Charger also features a Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) solar regulator, allowing you to deliver the maximum amount of power from your solar panels to your auxiliary battery.

On board Multi stage charging regardless of their type and size Selectable Multi-stage smart charging profiles
 Selectable MPPT Solar Regulator mode for 12V panels
 Includes battery isolation
 Suitable to charge from 12V or 24V systems
 Overcomes voltage drop issues
 Suitable for marine or dusty environments
 Easy LED indication of battery type and charging stage
 Provision for an external LED indicator
 Over current, short circuit, over temperature and reverse polarity protected
 High operating temperature range up to 80°C
 Input under and over voltage shutdown
Amperage - Standby <8mA
Solar Panel Input 9V - 28V
Amperage - No Load <100mA
Height (mm) 37
Weight 680g
Length (mm) 150
Brand Redarc
Warranty 2 Years
Width (mm) 120
Recommended Fuse 60A Input, 50A Output
Voltage - Input 9-32
Wattage 600
Operating Temperature -20C to +80C
Approvals EMC: C-Tick, AS/NZS CISPR11:2004
Amperage 40A