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Roll Over Stability Sensor 12/24V iROS Sensor

Item No. VRD12-24

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The Intelligent Roll Over Switch or IROS was Jamex's response to the dangerous goods industry's need for a more accurate rollover sensor than the original mechanical units, the IROS achieves this with a 2-axis accelerometer. The main purpose of a rollover sensor is upon sensing a rollover it safely and effectively isolates any electrical sources of ignition, a must have in flammable goods haulage. The IROS is self-testing; when the unit registers it has been stationary for a set period of time it runs through all of its functions, except for the actual shutdown. The IROS is designed not to trip the isolation switch until the vehicle is over 45 degrees angle and stationary, avoiding any accidental shutdowns whilst the vehicle is travelling along the road.

Specification2 Mount Dimensions: 30mm X 40mm
Approvals AS2809-2008
Voltage 12-24V
Features Has remote test function designed to suit Baxters
Specification1 Logo: Iros
Weight 0.7 kg
IP Rating IP67

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