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Roll Over Stability Sensor 9-32V AS2809-2008 Approved Liquip

Item No. RS400

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The Liquip RS400 Rollover Sensor is Liquip's fourth generation of rollover sensor, signifying their commitment to continuously make a great product greater. The main purpose of a rollover sensor is upon sensing a rollover it safely and effectively isolates any electrical sources of ignition, a must have in flammable goods haulage. The RS400 utilizes a solid state 3-axis accelerometer with a filtered output to avoid accidental triggering by rejecting any readings that are not indicative of a roll over, such as bumps. The device will not be activated at less than 45 degrees tilt and the mounting bracket has an integrated hinge to test this in place, ensuring that the rollover sensor has been installed correctly, before it becomes relied upon.

Approvals AS2809-2008
Operating Temp -20C to +60C
Voltage 9 - 32VDC
Features Active LED Indicator, Easy Test Release Clevice an
Specification1 Mount Dimensions: 90mm x 164mm
Weight 2.2kg
IP Rating IP66