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Solar Panel Battery Charger 12V 10W Includes Blocking Diode

Item No. PTPM-100-10

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High quality solar panel with high efficiency and smaller footprint compared to regular monocrystalline models. An easy way to keep your 12V batteries topped up and ready to go on your caravan, farm equipment, the spare car, or on the shed out the back. The dust and weather resistant panel features a robust frame, and is supplied with 3m long leads terminated with battery clips.

Fitted with a blocking diode making them suitable for direct connection to your battery as a trickle charger (take note of the minimum battery capacity), or as a low current charger to replace a load or current drain on the battery. A charge controller is recommended to prevent over-charging of the battery when the panel output exceeds the routine circuit load.

- 10W solar panel
- Blocking Diode
Brand Baxters
Weight 1.15Kg
Rated Current 0.8A
Dimensions 385W x 253H x 30D
Panel 62 x 29 x 28
Boosting Voltage 15V
Power Rating 10W
Floating Voltage 14V