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Solutions and Support

Technical support and product enhancement

Our parts information and technical data is second to none but our technical support extends well beyond smart parts interpreters who can help you find the part you want. Instead we’ll help you choose the part that best suits your needs from a number of different options in our range. And if we don’t have the part you need for your unique application, we’ll work with you to develop or enhance our products to fill your niche.

Solutions focused engineering at Baxters

Two Baxters engineers were visiting a major fleet operator in regional Australia investigating improvements they could make to the reliability of a particular starter motor, when the owner lamented he was having ongoing problems with forklift drivers leaving the interior lights on refrigerated trailers, flattening the batteries and causing significant delays. While it wasn’t the focus nor purpose of the trip, the two Baxters staff discussed the problem over the trip home, designed a solution and within months had brought a product to market that solved the problem.

This solutions-focused culture and strong engineering basis means Baxters can work with their customers on niche market problems and bring products like the Trailer Lamp Control Module to market quickly and cost-effectively.