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Switch Emergency Stop Wireless Receiver 433Mhz Single Channel

Item No. WES43301-R

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AVOID TRAGEDIES, PROTECT PERSONNEL & MACHINERYEvery year, thousands of workers who use machinery & equipment suffer serious injuries. Just in NSW over the past 3 years, there have been over 140,000 injuries in workplaces as a result of using plant incorrectly. The Stop It Wireless E-Stop system exceeds all HSE standards and will power down machinery and equipment safely without entering the Safety Exclusion Zone, making your workplace a inchsafer environmentinchREDUCE RISK, IMPROVE SAFETYBe assured your investment in Stop It will add further value to your inchSafe Operating Proceduresinch and peace of mind knowing you have installed state of the art technology that reduces risk in emergencies. Most decision-makers look upon our system as being a major step in stopping work-related catastrophes. DECREASE DOWNTIMEInjuries, fatalities and equipment malfunctions are all costly to productivity, hence why it is important to have Stop It as an early and additional shutdown mechanism. And by reducing or eliminating machinery & equipment damage, it means your output is NOT negatively affected. inchStop Itinch is effective in both fixed & mobile machinery environments.TECHNOLOGY BENEFITSMultiple remotes can be assigned to a single machine Or Multiple machines can be assigned to a single remote for supervisors. Features a inchsingle channelinch low frequency 433MHz receiver, with no chance of frequency jamming! Remotes have a 2-year battery life and Stop It installations are simple and non-intrusive.LOW-COST SECURITYThe bottom line is that this innovative safety system provides you with a cost-effective way of making your workplace a inchsafer environment. The question anyone would ask is inchwhat value does one put on the safety & well-being of their staff? Our inchStop Itinch technology now provides every employer with the opportunity to protect their personnel for a very modest investment.

Specification1 Decoding System: Unlimited Remotes
Specification2 Frequencies: 433.1 to 434.7Mhz
Specification3 Receiver Memory Storage: Unlimited Remotes
Operating Temp -5 to 50 deg C
Specification5 Standby Current: 21mA at 24VDC
Current Rating 10A
Specification4 Relay Contacts: 1 x N/C 1 X N/O
Dimensions 115 x 90 x 55mm
Voltage 11-36VDC