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Tekonsha Electric Brake Controller P3 12V Input Up to 4 Axles

Item No. 90195

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The Tekonsha P3 is the height of performance.

Like the rest of the top end of the Tekonsha brake controller range, the P3 utilizes an accelerometer to accurately determine braking force being applied by the towing vehicle and matches it accordingly with the trailer brakes, unlike the simple and more common time delay variants which merely activate at a predetermined amount and a set delay from when the brake lights are activated. Unlike other brands of proportional force brake controllers, Tekonsha units do not have to be mounted and calibrated level.

The P3 sets itself apart from the rest of the range with its LCD display, allowing the driver to customize a multitude a settings and even saving profiles to allow for hot swapping between trailers or even preferences of multiple drivers.

Tekonsha have so much faith in their P3 they’ve given it a limited lifetime warranty.

Brand Tekonsha