The Baxters Lab

Ask any other auto electrical distributor if you can tour their laboratory and you’ll probably be met with a puzzled look..."Oh, you mean our warranty department?"

Baxters lab employs three full time staff dedicated to investigating any trends in warranty claims.

 They work with suppliers to develop and enhance products to meet the ever changing conditions faced in today's automotive, heavy duty and industrial markets. It is here that many custom modifications are made to parts before they are shipped to customers with unique and specific needs; such as the dual earth starter fitted OE to Kenworth trucks with Cummins engines. It was in the Baxters lab that our engineering team developed an understanding of the challenges facing auto electrical components in the harsh Australian climate and implemented improvements that have flowed through into worldwide production. It is this facility coupled with our engineering prowess that enables us to provide auto electrical solutions to some of the biggest manufacturers and fleet owners in the Australian transport industry. While our lab does handle our warranties, we see warranty claims as an opportunity to develop and improve products rather than a chore. This is why you can be confident that any warranty issues will be thoroughly investigated rather than given a cursory glance.

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